What a professional journey it has been for me these past 3 years. When asked to do a personal blog, I passed on this opportunity when first presented to me almost 9 months ago. I didn’t think myself ready or even worthy to present ideas under my own brand. Tweeting is one thing. Even being an editor of a blog is a very different thing. I can hide (more or less) amongst other traders and opinions. But under my own blog, it’s just me all the way out there. I had done it before but on StockTwits it’s just a completely different level of authority and respect so I had to be sure that I could represent.

Thankfully, opportunity knocked twice and I was a fool only once before. I snapped on it this time. I put things in place and finally here we are. It’s been quite a journey. From trader to tweeter to editor and now my own personal forex blog. Thank you StockTwits! Let’s do this!

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