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Is this for real?!

Apparently, there are more riots and protests against the goverment in countries with poor or declining economies. In fact,

The strong link between unrest and austerity suggests that cutting expenditures in times of crisis may be even harder than previously thought…To avoid the spectre of default and a downward spiral of collapsing output, lower tax revenue, and a rising wave of unrest – an austerity trap – governments have to act more cautiously in good times. They need to borrow less and keep taxes high even if public debt is falling in a period of expansion.

This is hardly news. As long as credit rating agencies rule the world, governments are more interested in pleasing them as opposed to its own citizens. Expect more Arab Springs and Occupys as food and energy prices rise with unemployment in countries with strict austerity measures. And the markets won’t be forgiving. Look no further than Europe.


Source: This Chart Predicts Rising Violence And Unrest Around The World (Business Insider)


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