Sterling Digest, April 16 2013: terror attacks

Iron Lady rightfully(?) kicking the King of Capitalism

What happened Monday? What a trading day. Commodities fell off a cliff in a real scary way. $GBPAUD, $GBPNZD, and $GBPCAD rallied over 200 pips in yesterday’s trading session as those commodity dollars took a major hit along with $GLD, $SLV, and $CL_F. It was incredible. Then bombs exploded later Monday morning during market hours in Boston. Another terrorist attack in the United States. The USD rallied slightly on the news as $GBPUSD tumbled below support but in today’s trading session cable looks bullish again. The markets feel a bit more stable today as the sterling continues to firm except versus the euro. $EURGBP has taken out major resistance at 0.8570 as it has rallied to new highs so far today at 0.8582. What is the world coming to?

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