Sterling Digest, April 23 2013: bears in bulls’ clothing

Bears sitting for a portrait. Painter paints a bull.
Pound Sterling

It’s the last full week of April. Then the bears come in. “Sell in May”, as they like to say. Sterling has been enjoying a nice corrective rally all month. I championed the new bullish sentiment on the blog here and here. But the bull shine could be starting to fade. $GBPUSD has many traders calling a top. Fitch downgraded the UK economy late Friday and $GBPUSD opened the week to drop to 1.5200 while $EURGBP spiked to 0.8590 highs. However, the weakness has been short-lived. Once the Monday trading session commenced, sterling found its legs rallying across the board. $GBPAUD staged a breakout in Monday trading. There are some reasons. Fitch’s downgrade is old news. Poor economic news news lately is not translating to much lower prices. With the economic calendar very light out of the UK this week, sterling could be a mixed bag to finish the month.

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