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  • Sterling Digest, 23 January 2014: threshold not target
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    32 month high in GBPUSD— World First (@World_First) January 23, 2014   $GBPAUD new multi-year high with that break above 1.8750 — John Kicklighter (@JohnKicklighter) […]

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    The forex markets are super thin right now. Even though news just dropped out of New Zealand CPI, the liquidity in the air has disappeared. […]

  • GBP/CAD At A Crossroads
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    This week has the potential to be a pivotal for the $GBPCAD. The currency pair has enjoyed a massive breakout from historically lows to the […]

  • Sterling Digest, 15 January 2014: WTF
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    These 1st 7 trading days have been a nightmare for me with sterling. SHEESH! The market pushed to highs and lows and yet still remains […]

  • Disney Builds Its Exposure to Africa
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    When media boss and former human resources manager Mo Abudu launched EbonyLife TV in mid-2013, she boasted that the Afro-centric platform would air more than […]

  • What I Wish I Said
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    I was honored today to be on @spz_trades’s last show on with @NicTrades. @NicTrades is a superwoman who chatted markets in the middle of […]