Sterling Digest, 15 January 2014: WTF

TIME magazine cover of new Fed chairman Janet Yellen
Until her 1st meeting in March, USD may hijack the markets with uncertainty

These 1st 7 trading days have been a nightmare for me with sterling. SHEESH! The market pushed to highs and lows and yet still remains rangebound. The volatility, too, has been intense as players jostle for position in the year open. Nobody wants to miss the monster rally of 2013. Both bears and bulls have been shook out and made money. It hurts but there still a lot of new year left. It is important to admit to the pain, analyze mistakes and make the next decision. Timing has needed to be perfect and fearless. Yet this is always easier said than done. A $GBPNZD short at 2.00 was a beautiful opportunity but the volatility on NFP day shook me and faked me right out of the trade. Other traders have been sharing similar frustrations in the market. Thankfully, there are others still who are seeing very clearly and their shares have been a guiding light to (some) clarity. That is the beauty of the market…and the stream.


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