Sterling Digest – crosses firm up

Yesterday, $GBPUSD fell to new lows just pips ahead of the 50% Fibonacci level at 1.6536. It was the move many of us had been waiting on for weeks. Now that the consolidation in $GBPUSD is finally over, I believe we will see GBP resume its rally in many of the major pairs. The UK fundamentals have been there and the strong recovery is its reality.

GBPUSD vs EURGBP comparison on 4hr chart

However, what is interesting is the reversal that is beginning to confirm itself in the comm doll pairs. I expected these pairs would weaken to key support levels. However, this week, for the 1st time in months, those support levels are being broken. We may be on the cusp of D-Day where swing buyers start to sell and bail out of the market. OR. It could be an incredible buy opportunity because of the BoE minutes and FOMC announcements this week.

  • The BoE minutes are out and they are hawkish. (eFXnews)
  • I saw it too but it never counts unless you publish. These guys were 1st to show this incredible H&S in $GBPAUD. HUGE level. (Twitter, Factor)
  • The $GBPNZD put in a huge level too. While I thought 1.95 was key, 1.9150 proved to more significant. (Twitter, FMFX)
  • Raising interest rates vs. tapering QE — interesting take (Telegraph)
  • The huge bounce off support in the $GBPCAD this week very nicely reflects a dovish Bank of Canada and overall weakness in Canada versus a hawkish Bank of England and robust UK. (Ashraf Laidi)
  • A review of the $GBPUSD move we have been waiting on all month (FMFX)




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