The Sterling Digest, 11 July 2014: stalling

Stock market cartoon from Twitter
Bulls are stalling

Advancement in the GBP trend has stalled this week. Manufacturing and construction data missed this week and the Bank of England’s hold on monetary policy turned out to be a non-event. Sterling weakened briefly on the policy announcement but momentum never really took hold in either direction. Dips were bought but highs were also met with enough offers to keep price capped for another week. This stalling, sideways action is simply consolidation of the bull rally that has gained strength in the past month. Now as the 1st full week of trading of the 3rd quarter comes to a close, sterling remains in a tight range. Despite the tepid price action this week, sterling remains fundamentally strong. Between the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, the BoE looks tremendously hawkish. Until that contrast changes, it is enough to keep sterling supported long term.

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