Sterling Digest: March 23, 2012

Beautiful golf course
Enjoy the weekend - my friend and fellow trader has the right idea here

Being wrong early in cable kept me on the sidelines for the rest of the day. A good day to be out as the $EURGBP, $GBPUSD, and $GBPJPY saw whippy sideways actions to end the week. The $GBPCAD, $GBPAUD, and $GBPNZD came off their breakout highs as commodities firmed up a bit today after vicious selloffs all week. The question for the new week is whether sterling continues to consolidate or will the bull trend resume? Until that time. Enjoy the weekend.

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Sterling Digest: March 12, 2012

Lots of big talk made for lots of nice moves in the forex markets today. These central banks are only warming up with comments from Japan today ahead of their official interest rate decision tomorrow. But the $FED has taken to jawboning too. They also release a decision tomorrow but have been in the press for weeks. Lots of focus has been on the $USDJPY with its recent moves higher which should make the conspiracy theorists among us very anxious for Tuesday trading. At any rate, sterling flows were liquid in both directions today depending on your currency pair.

Sterling Digest: March 11, 2012

World Money Expo
An ironic find on Flickr: the World Money Expo. In China

This week rounds out the major central bank announcements for the month of March. Three central banks are on tap to release decisions on monetary policy: the Bank of Japan, the Federal Reserve, and the Swiss National Bank. Of course, the Fed is the highlight. But with the Fed in the news so much last week, one has to wonder what more the Fed can give the markets.

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Sterling Digest: March 3, 2012

Greece bailout
And in other news this week, Greece got bailed out again...I think...

$GBPUSD finally reached the major psychological level of 1.60 this week with the high at 1.5992. $GBPJPY breached its major psychological level of 130.00 with its high of 130.11 this week. However, both pairs finished the week with a healthy pullback as sterling weakened versus most of the majors on Friday. The $EURGBP was an exception as that pair probed new lows on the week at 0.8314 on across-the-board euro weakness.

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