Sterling Digest, May 1 2012: the doves rally sterling

The rather dangerous, The Economist cover
The political reason the ECB turns dovish

Everybody knew that the RBA was set out to cut interest rates. But the RBA surprised the market with a much bigger than expected cut of 50 basis points. $GBPAUD rallied hard after the announcements and remains over 100 pips above its pre-RBA levels. The ECB also delivers an announcement on interest rates this week. The ECB is also expected to be dovish as the central bank shifts its focus off the banks and on to their economies. The $EURGBP remains below 0.82. Can sterling continue its rally on dovish sentiment from other central banks?

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Sterling Digest, April 24 2012: the moment of truth

Is another recession on its way?

Wednesday may be a moment of truth in this sterling rally that has taken hold since the beginning of the year. Though the Federal Reserve announces its decision on monetary policy tomorrow, sterling traders have their eyes on the UK GDP release earlier that morning. But the Bank of England has already dismissed the GDP release. The BoE gives inflation trends more weight than the economy when setting monetary policy. So on disappointing GDP expect sterling to weaken, but that move lower may only be temporary as the market discounts GDP much like the BoE already has.

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Sterling Digest, April 23 2012: bulls maintain control

pounds and pence
Pounds and Pence

$EURGBP breaks to new lows to open the new trading week as fully anticipated by many in Thursday’s digest. Sterling also maintained bullish momentum versus the commodity dollars as $GBPAUD, $GBPNZD, and $GBPCAD continued to rally higher in Monday trading. $GBPUSD was the odd man as it trades in a narrow range struggling with both a strong USD and strong GBP. If USD strength remains, look for cable to correct lower to 1.60 before rallying again to new highs.

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