Cable Breaks Range

After watching cable remain rangebound all summer, the market used the Federal Reserve as a reason to weaken the USD further. As a result, the $GBPUSD broke its range to the upside. Traders know this to be a bullish signal but I am skeptical of this rally.

GBPUSD daily chart August 22 2012

1. The Bank of England

The BoE is also very dovish. It, too, has signaled more QE is coming. That’s QE4 folks.

2. UK Economy

The British economy was the first of the G10 to slip back into recession when it did so in the Q1 2012. The Olympics may give the economy a welcomed bump, it will be temporary rather than a kickstart to a recovery.

3. The Eurozone

The UK’s biggest trading partner remains on the brink of financial collapse. To boot, the Eurozone countries are also falling into recession one by one and suffering staggering unemployment.

So the GBP fundamentals are very weak. But the market is all about the USD for the moment. And for that reason, $GBPUSD can go higher. In fact, the bullish close 60+ pips above the key 1.5800 level confirms a technical breakout has occurred. However, follow through could be hampered by the big 61.8% Fibonacci level on the daily chart. Will this breakout turn into a fakeout? It is still a very real possibility. Like I said, I’m skeptical. But trade what you see!

GBPUSD daily with Fibs

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