Sterling Digest, February 25 2013: hardly at extreme levels

KAL Cartoon in The Economist
Put GBP on the roof and you illustrate current sterling sentiment in the market

Sterling weakness accelerated last week and culminated in the UK loosing its AAA credit rating on Friday. Now that monetary policy is dovish, economic activity nil, and credit rating downgraded, sterling has entered this new week of trading with a trifecta of negativity. And yet traders are hardly short GBP yet. In fact, I don’t think we will have reached extreme levels of short GBP trades until, $GBPUSD trades at 1.4750, $EURGBP at 0.8900, $GBPAUD trades below 1.4500, $GBPCAD below 1.5400, and $GBPNZD below 1.8000. Until price gets to those levels, expect corrections to be short-lived as the weak sterling trade gains momentum.

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