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Since joining Twitter and tweeting trades, I have received numerous requests to mentor, coach, advise and otherwise help traders of varying levels. In response, I launched the Quid Report almost 2 years ago. However, I found that my tweeting and blogging suffered. I couldn’t give freely and my voice was held hostage. As a result, while the Quid Report gave value for a few, my contributions to the general social finance community dropped dramatically. And I didn’t like that.

So I’m switching it up! I am back to publishing content again and tweeting my little forex heart out. And to help traders starting out in the forex market, I offer a Beginning Forex course that runs for 11 weeks, meeting twice per week. By the end of this course, you understand forex markets and the use of 3 technical analysis indicators. My first cohort will soon move on into the Intermediate Forex course next month.

The Intermediate Forex Course runs for 18 weeks, meeting twice per week. By the end of this course, you will understand how to buy and sell currency pairs by setting actual orders, learn trade management live in the markets and reinforce your knowledge of forex markets and technical analysis indicators.

All students will have access to specific trades of the week on the private feed with stops and targets as well as updates during the week as necessitated by price action. Naturally, I will still concentrate on sterling pairs . but students may also submit their own charts and ask questions.

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Beginning Forex Course is $97 per month billed for 3 months.
Intermediate Forex Course is $110 per month billed for 5 months.

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