Sterling Digest, April 8 2013: freedom to grow

Political cartoon from The Independent. Bust and Bust for sale
This may not work but neither will austerity

As expected last week, sterling has strengthened though mostly on the back of weaker fundamentals elsewhere in the world. The weaker-than-expected US jobs report helped $GBPUSD surge above 1.5250 resistance that had capped rallies since February. The weak Canadian jobs report also sent $GBPCAD to new highs at 1.5650 also not visited since February. The $GBPAUD reached new highs at 1.4825 on the back of a still dovish RBA. The only sterling pair that hasn’t found GBP strength is the $EURGBP as the EUR finds a Cyprus bottom for reasons outlined well in the linkfest below. It’s a light calendar this week with all eyes on Wednesday’s FOMC minutes release.

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