Remember, The Euro Is a Safe Haven

The $EURGBP has made new highs to 0.8117 after a four-month rally. Though this month could mark a fifth month, the rally might have finally reached a point of exhaustion. There is a very similar example of price action during the very beginnings of the financial crisis in 2007. A sharp move to the upside found resistance at 0.8100 and corrected as low as the 0.7700-support level. The next six months were spent rangebound in the zone between 0.7940 and 0.7860. This support zone also held up price action in 2014. During its descent in 2014, the $EURGBP loosely found support between the 0.7940 level and the 0.7860 level. Day-to-day price action was very choppy at that time too. There is good reason to believe this trend may see the start of consolidation last week. That might have been the end of consolidation too. Price has managed to find support at the 0.7940-support level, which is also the top of the support zone. While the move to new highs broke above the 0.8100-resistance level, the $EURGBP has already consolidated 38.2% of the last bullish wave of the rally. As a Fibonacci move on the $EURGBP, this is very bullish price action and signals a resumption of the rally in the new trading week.

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ON AIR with FXStreet’s Live Analysis Room #FXRoom

GBP has gapped down across the board and the follow through right now is tremendous. I talked with Dale Pinkert, host of LAR #FXRoom, about the Brexit and the levels to watch that $GBPUSD and $GBPNZD. These levels are being challenged right now as the new trading week gets underway.

It’s already Monday and the Friday close is already so important. Neither bears nor bulls should get too excited with these opening flows. Anything can happen this week. Trade it well!

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Welcome the Strong Euro

This time last year, the euro was selling off as the European Central Bank (ECB) made no change to monetary policy in the midst of the Greek banking and debt crisis. Twelve months later in December, the ECB finally eased monetary policy and cut the deposit rate. Since then, interest rates in the Eurozone have steadily drifted further into negative territory. But the EUR/GBP has since bottomed with a tremendous rally that finally broke above the major 0.7500 resistance level. However, with the ECB signaling a lower path for interest rates, the EUR/GBP is consolidating through price with a bearish divergence in momentum. After reaching the 0.7897 highs, price fell back to the former 0.7755 highs. During consolidation, the EUR/GBP found support at the 50% Fibonacci level, which enjoys confluence with the 0.7700 support level.


Another Friday close below the 0.7755 highs confirms the exhaustion evident for a couple weeks now in the $EURGBP rally. With a light calendar next week, this leaves the EUR/GBP at the whim of the chart technicals. A break below 0.7700 sees a move back to former lows. Otherwise, a breakout higher now targets the 0.7897 highs.

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ON AIR with Benzinga’s #PreMarket Prep Show

While the market awaits 2 interest rate decisions today, first from the Federal Reserve and later from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, I talked about the central banks last week on Benzinga’s #PreMarket Prep Show. Take a listen to why I believe the rally in the Canadian dollar is just getting started and my conflicting thoughts about the U.S. dollar. I come on at the 1:05:00 mark.


Due to the holiday shortened week and it being the very last week of 2015, no Quid Report was published this week. Instead, I am doing a video update to last week’s written report. While I have been on many forex shows, this is my first time hosting a live broadcast. This should be a quick update and review for the week in progress. Enjoy! And please leave your feedback in the comments. Perhaps this will be a new thing for me in 2016.


The European Central Bank (ECB) lowered its deposit rate this month by 10 basis points to -0.3%, moving rates further into negative territory. Additionally, the ECB extended its current quantitative easing (QE) program well into 2017 while maintaining the amount of bonds purchased each month. The ECB wants to support Europe for as long as possible. They need to. While these changes in policy constitutes huge monetary action by the ECB, the market was expecting an increase in QE not just an extension and slight adjustments of the same program. The market also anticipated a larger interest rate cut than 10 basis points. This was less aggressive easing than the market was actually expecting. For this reason, the euro continues to rally tremendously (Volume 41). Despite the strong rally that gripped the $EURGBP in the aftermath of the ECB monetary policy easing, there had been no real follow through in either direction for the past two weeks. Dips were met with buyers while sellers capped rallies. Consolidation below the 0.7250 resistance level was not necessarily bearish price action. Despite breaking above the 0.7250 resistance level, the $EURGBP was unable to close above it until the Friday close last week. Additionally, the Friday close remains above the key 0.7100 level (Volume 22) and is a higher close than the previous close on the weekly chart. As such, the $EURGBP maintains its bullish bias for the new trading week.


The $EURGBP has to move below the 0.7200 support and psychological level in order to change the bullish momentum. Last week, sellers continued to step in at and above the 0.7250 level. However, the lows were also met with its own supply. Buyers have been stepping in at the lows above the 0.7200 level. After the volatile surge higher, two weeks of consolidation does not signal a reversal. In fact, consolidating at the highs actually signals a move higher, depending on how the new week opens (Volume 42). As the new trading week opens, this nascent bullish signal has manifested as the $EURGBP has finally moved higher to break above the 0.7300 resistance level that had capped rallies for the past two weeks. This explosive move higher will likely be met with profit-taking after the long consolidation. Pullbacks off the highs need to find support above the 0.7300, now turned, support level. Given price action during consolidation, it is highly likely that it will.

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Is This The Bottom?

Last week, I was on the air live with Dale Pinkert, host of FXStreet’s Live Analysis Room. My episode is down below. It’s always fun talking GBP with Dale because he always has insights to share with me as I do with him. His experience in futures on top of the forex always leads to a good conversation. The interview never feels like an interview. Just good trading talk between friends.

The interview took place the day before the September non-farm payrolls dropped. You’ll hear us talk equities quite a bit. With the weakness in the $SPX, I explain why the $GBPJPY was actually looking to fall further to 174.86 and possibly even as low as 167.99. But the weakness in the NFP report may change everything. Apparently, Yellen and the $FED did know something we all didn’t know. The recent global malaise in China, Syria and Brazil are, in fact, starting to show ripple effects in the U.S. economy. And if this economic weakness becomes a trend, interest rate hikes out of the Federal Reserve are off the table. Probably completely. Definitely for 2015. The lack of wage growth and the less-than-expected jobs growth has finally convinced markets that the $FED is not moving on interest rates. In fact, whispers of QE4 are back. Expect that drum to beat louder if the U.S. economy starts to show more weakness in the months ahead.

Looking at the $GBPJPY as our equities proxy, the Friday close above the 181.00 support level is a bullish signal in light of the strong close in the S&P 500. Watch here:

More Relief for the Euro

The $EURGBP ended last week back above the key 0.7000 support level. After breaking last week’s low, the EUR/GBP printed another failed low at 0.6949. The first failed low at 0.6984 was a result of a euro relief rally. Just when it seemed as though the $EURGBP was moving lower within its Fibonacci move, the BoE released its dovish policy statement and inflation report. The unwinding of interest rate expectations is now the reason for the latest rally in the $EURGBP. As a new fundamental shift in the markets, this rally looks to carry much more credibility than the last. As such, the failed low looks to target new highs above the previous high at 0.7159. The one obstacle for bulls is the 0.7100 resistance level. The rally into the end of the week held below this important level for another weekly close below 0.7100. When there is a close below the 0.7100 level, there is a subsequent drop in prices. When there is a weekly close above the 0.7100 level, the $EURGBP typically rallies after the subsequent hold of support. So last week’s close looks like a bearish signal for the $EURGBP. However, it is more likely price met profit-taking at the key level after a bullish week. It is expected that the $EURGBP continues to rally in the new trading week to break above the 0.7100 resistance level.


The $EURGBP repeated price action last week from the week prior. The failed low led to a rally that held below the 0.7100 resistance level. However, the new trading week is opening very differently from last week’s open. Last week, the $EURGBP immediately slumped lower as the market anticipated a bullish BoE Thursday and a hawkish BoE in the coming week. Now as the market processes new expectations in interest rates and a more dovish BoE, the $EURGBP opens the new week still elevated just below the 0.7100 resistance level. Momentum on the daily chart is back in bullish territory to start the new trading week. The price action at the open this week versus last week leads to a conclusion that the $EURGBP is looking to break to new highs. If the $EURGBP is unable to make a new low below the 0.6949 failed low, then a rally will set in that targets a new high above the 0.7159 high. It is important to note that a new high can still respect the sell zone for a Fibonacci move lower. However, with a second failure to make new lows below the 0.6929 lows, the probability is tilted towards a move higher above the key resistance level at 0.7100.

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The euro behaved as expected in this week’s Volume 15. The levels on the daily chart foretold the dramatic story of Greece. The week started off with a deal taking shape that rallied the $EURGBP off the 0.7250 level.  Then Greece played hard ball and the IMF left. Germany said the euro was too strong. $EURGBP peaked and fell to 0.7200. $EURGBP rallied off that support to close the week in that quirky little zone between the arrows. How will euro trade next week?


This is an excerpt from this week’s issue of Quid Report. Subscribers receive my research on all major GBP pairs at the beginning of the week, including access to @faithmightfx on Twitter for daily, real-time calls and adjustments to the weekly report. AVAILABLE NOW.

A Failing Euro

The $EURGBP completed its Fibonacci move from the highs at 0.7482 with the new low below 0.7128. While it didn’t appear to be the top at the time, the euro became mired in Greek financial drama last week. The smoke-and-mirrors of Greek repayment is once again wearing thin on the markets. The euro had been rallying higher as Greece communicated ability to repay its debts. Then last week, the European Central Bank (ECB) meeting minutes confirmed the ECB’s satisfaction with its quantitative easing (QE) program and its intended effect on financial markets. The euro collapsed as markets were reminded that QE continues in full form out of the ECB.


While the $EURGBP may have completed a Fibonacci move on the daily chart, the Fibonacci move on the weekly chart still has yet to be completed. The 0.7100 support level is a formidable support level. It became the level against which bids stepped into the market to ignite the latest rally to 0.7482. While price last week did break below the 0.7100 support level, the trading week closed above it. With price already below the support level to start the new trading week, there are a slew of former lows to contend with as the $EURGBP looks to complete price action to the major support level at 0.7000.

This is an excerpt from this week’s issue of Quid Report. Subscribers receive my research on all major GBP pairs at the beginning of the week, including access to @faithmightfx on Twitter for daily, real-time updates to the weekly report. AVAILABLE NOW.