What Are The Markets Whispering for 2014?

I see 3 major trends for the markets next year in 2014:

  1. Investing in Africa only accelerates
  2. $GBPUSD enters 2014 at the bottom of its 5-year consolidation pattern (strong USD)
  3. The rise of women in finance

Last Thursday, at Stocktoberfest, I presented 2 of the 3 ideas on a panel with Howard Lindzon, Chairman, StockTwits, Christopher Perruna, Director of Project Management at Gardiner & Capital Theobald, Greg Harmon, DragonFly Capital, Cole Wilcox, CEO Longboard Asset Management, and Mike Bellafiore, SMB Capital. Here is my presentation:

(Infographics credit)

Sterling Digest, October 29, 2012: Stocktoberfest

In short, I needed to be at Stocktoberfest. Just the exposure to the ideas and wisdom of brilliant, seasoned people always jumpstarts motivation and passion. But the actual in-person connecting with the folks who came to Stocktoberfest was truly inspiring and encouraging for me, a young lady in her career in this industry. Today’s Digest is dedicated to archiving all the reflections and insights that is Stocktoberfest 2012. I was honored to be there. See you all next year!