EURGBP Update: bears moving in

EURGBP 8 hour chart
$EURGBP price action today proving once again why I don’t like to buy euros.

While the $EURGBP daily chart started the week looking very constructive, price today collapsed ahead of the 50% Fibonacci level of last week’s price decline. The subsequent price drop found support at the 0.8000 level but bounced again back to 0.8035 intraday. Only a close above 0.8030 would make the bullish picture at the start of the week stand. However, as we head into the New York close, price is below the key 0.8030 level. Watch where price closes the day. If below 0.8030, any pop higher will be met by sellers. If above 0.8030, watch price to move back towards the highs at 0.8050-70. In any case, sellers seem to be lining up making $EURGBP look short term bearish on its failure to get to and break back above 0.8100.

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