Sterling Digest, 1 July 2013: dawn of the Carney Era

Mark Carney at the Bank of England
New Bank of England Governor Mark Carney

This is an exciting time for sterling traders as we lay witness to the dawn of a new era. Mark Carney takes the helm today as the new Bank of England Governor. The market, as well as some top officials in the UK government, have been widely anticipating this transition since it was first announced last November. Former Governor Mervyn King has led the BoE my entire forex career. I will miss the always predictable market reaction to King’s speeches (King speaks, sell sterling) but it seems the British are ready for new monetary leadership. Though Carney has set market expectations as a GBP bear, prices will not plunge just because he steps into office. The market will size him up first with plenty of price fluctuations and positioning in anticipation of his 1st interest rate announcement and inflation report. Will the Carney Era bring sterling strength or weakness? British prosperity or recession? In 5 short years, the markets will have their verdict.

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