Timing Is Always Important

Sterling has completed some big time levels in the past week. $GBPUSD hit one-month highs at 1.5571. $GBPAUD broke out higher to 1.7340. And $EURGBP mean reverted back to 0.86 after hitting 5-month highs at 0.8750. I say all that so you can understand why I’m very much on the defensive into this new week. It is important to recognize how likely it is that these particular pairs start the week consolidating these major moves.

With the $GBPUSD linked to the almighty USD, cable will certainly lead. Opening below 1.55 signals weakness that could be short-lived as the Monday session gets underway. 1.5430 resistance-turned-support and the 1.5400 50% Fibonacci level of the rally from 1.5102 to 1.5571 are the key levels of support to watch now at the market open. $EURGBP below 0.8600 has 0.8570 as key to direction. The loss of 1.6925 resistance-turned-support signals further losses toward 1.6750 in the $GBPAUD.

If you enjoyed these major moves, take a seat back. If you missed these major moves, take a seat back. Timing is a critical factor in our trading. Be mindful of the timing: big moves, August trading, and new shifts in some of the major central banks. There is no need to rush or force trading, today, in particular. Often times, the best opportunities in the market are those you can wait on.

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