Quid Report from Written Word to Spoken Word


2017 is here and we are back in the saddle! In an attempt to deliver better value to you, I am switching the format of the Quid Report. I will no longer deliver the 20-page written report once every week. Instead! I will deliver a live broadcast THREE times every week.

The video format will allow me to deliver insights and calls on the GBP pairs as the market opens on Sunday/early Monday instead of waiting until after the New York close on Monday. So you all will be able to get ahead of those moves and see what I see as I was writing the report.

Broadcasting videos will also allow me to better interact with you and answer questions right then as we are all looking at the same charts. Lastly, the videos will allow me to deliver these insights in a timely fashion which was starting to become a big problem.

I hope this change in delivery format is well received. Please continue to give me feedback as you always do!

Cheers to happy trades in 2017!


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